Additional Information


Your Precious metal Jewelry can be hand washed in hot water with dish detergent.  It is important that you immediately **PAT** dry with a soft cloth.

Sterling Silver - Keeping your Sterling in the Plastic Bag it came in when not being worn will slow tarnishing. You can wash your jewelry  following the above directions.  To restore the brilliance  use a polishing cloth.  Perfumes and Lotions can accelerate the tarnishing.

Rose Silver - has a warm glow like the sunrise, however it takes a little extra care due to the copper content in the silver.  Like a copper penny it will darken with age. To restore the brilliance use a polishing cloth. You can wash it according to the directions above. Perfumes and lotions will accelerate the darkening.

Stainless Steel  - Is Hypoallergenic and very hard. It does not tarnish and resists scratching. It has a steel gray color but can achieve a high polish. It can be washed  according to the above directions, and you can safely wear it all the time.